Kang Daniel Arrives At The Airport Dressed All In Black

“Thank you for being such a respectful man.”

Kang Daniel was spotted at Incheon airport early in the morning as he arrived for his flight out to Manila.


He was dressed completely in all black as he donned a trench coat, fitted pants, and spiked shoes.


He literally turned the airport crosswalk into a runway as all eyes turned on his modelesque tall figure!


Kang Daniel seemed to be solemn as his usual puppy smile was sparse this morning.


But he made sure to smile as best he could out of respect for all the fans and media press who came out so early to greet him.


His fans were completely in love with Kang Daniel in all black, and some praised him for being respectful towards the recent news.


Kang Daniel will be in Manila for his promotional events abroad to meet his foreign fans.

Source: Osen