Kang Daniel Announces An April Comeback With A Surprise Teaser

Who’s excited?!

Though Kang Daniel recently finished up his promotions and activities for his latest single “Paranoia,” the talented artist just announced he is already making a comeback this April!

| @konnect_danielk/Twitter

On March 18 at midnight KST, Kang Daniel released a teaser for an upcoming release! Kang Daniel took to his Twitter and revealed a teaser that shared he has something “Coming Soon.” According to the tweet, Kang Daniel plans to make his release on April 13 at 6 PM KST! The teaser came as a pleasant surprise and fans are going crazy over the fantastic news.

Following the shocking teaser, fans started to speculate about the comeback’s concept. Due to the teaser’s colors, many fans started to theorize that Kang Daniel will be releasing Yellow, the third installment of his “color trilogy” series. Yellow would be following Cyan and Magenta. 

Fans are ecstatic about the comeback and can’t wait to see what Kang Daniel will present!