Kang Daniel Showed Off Striking Visuals At Recent Baseball Game

Thousands of fans came to see him throw the ceremonial first pitch.

Kang Daniel recently showed off striking visuals at a baseball game where he threw the ceremonial first pitch.

On July 9th, 15,651 seats were filled at the baseball game between Lotte and NC Dinos held at the Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, a big difference compared to the game between Lotte and KT Wiz held on June 27th, which filled up only 5,669 seats.


The reason for the sudden increase in baseball game viewers was none other than Kang Daniel.


Kang Daniel was scheduled to throw the ceremonial first pitch on this day.


Ahead of his pitch, the mayor of Busan officially appointed Kang Daniel the Busan PR ambassador.


Kang Daniel showed exceptionally stunning visuals as usual as he stood on the baseball field.


Fans were in awe of the footage of his pitch that was captured on television.


On this day, fans had gathered and awaited Kang Daniel’s arrival 3 hours before the game even began.


Anticipation for this event was high, especially because of Daniel’s recent hiatus.


And because Daniel stayed and watched the game even after his pitch, fans also watched through the game and did not leave in the middle.

Welcome back, Daniel!

Source: Yonhap News