Kang Daniel And Chancellor To Release Remake Version Of Epik High’s “Fly”

This is the first time Tablo has accepted a remake request!

Singer Kang Daniel and Chancellor will be releasing a duet song together. According to Cyworld Jet and Superman CNM, Kang Daniel and Chancellor will be participating as singers for Cyworld BGM 2021. They will be remaking Epik High’s hit song, “Fly”, which will release on November 16 at 6 PM KST. 

Epik High’s “Fly” was first released back in 2005 and is the title track of their third full-length album, Swan Songs. Regarding the remake, Epik High’s Tablo stated, “There have been may requests for remakes of our songs, but I didn’t accept any of them because it is not an easy decision to tamper with memories. But after listening to the demo of ‘Fly’, I thought maybe, ‘Memories aren’t a thing of the past, but something new that enriches the future to come?’ Thanks to Kang Daniel and Chancellor for discovering new emotions from the past.”

Source: newsis