Kang Daniel Secretly Showed An Act Of Kindness And Melted Fans’ Hearts

He is an angel.

During the filming of the Coffee Friends, Kang Daniel showed an act of kindness that even the production staff failed to notice and melted the hearts of viewers.

Kang Daniel appeared on the February 22nd episode of tvN’s Coffee Friends and became a short-term part-timer at the cafe. He had to leave shortly later, however, due to his concert schedules in Seoul.


Despite the fact that he was leaving soon, he did his best as a part-time worker. He successfully carried out the tasks that were given to him and won over the hearts of his fellow workers as well with his pleasant personality.


Coffee Friends is a cafe that has been opened as a means of charity. All the menus have a set price but the customers are allowed to donate as much as they want.

In fact, it wasn’t only customers who donated money. Kang Daniel had apparently secretly donated money while no one was looking. While everyone was busy opening the cafe, the idol secretly opened his own wallet and put money into the cash register.


He did this so inconspicuously, however, that not even the production staff caught him doing it. As a result, the scene flashed by without any particular subtitles or anything.


It wasn’t until later that netizens spotted Kang Daniel showing this act of kindness and they were all touched by his kind heart.

  • “I loved how Kang Daniel quietly donated money at Coffee Friends.”
  • “Kang Daniel is an angel…He delivered cheerful laughs and satisfying visuals on Coffee friends and I was so happy to see him. He’s so admirable for donating secretly.”
  • “Whether it’s a small amount or large amount, donating must be a habit and it seems Kang Daniel has it.”
  • “Kang Daniel is so kind!”
  • “I praise Kang Daniel’s character. Donating without letting anyone know, what an angel! I hope he receives love as a warm-hearted artist for a long long time.”


Watch the full clip below:


Source: Dispatch and Naver