Kang Daniel And Hong Kong Agent Reportedly Held Meeting With Album Distributor

His comeback will be coming very soon.

Kang Daniel is expected to make a comeback with his solo debut soon as he has already held a meeting with a distributor.

According to Ilgan Sports, Kang Daniel recently held a meeting with Kakao M and an album distributor. Meeting with a distributor means that an album has already been made or that at least it’s halfway done, meaning there will be a comeback soon.

The launch date of an album or song is approximately set before a meeting with a distributor. Meeting with the distributor means the album is already finished or almost finished.

ㅡ K-Pop industry worker


The K-Pop industry worker who shared this information also revealed that the global agent Ms. Seol, who has been mentioned frequently throughout Kang Daniel’s dispute with LM Entertainment, was also present at the meeting.

Ms. Seol is looking for an album distributor for Kang Daniel and they shared a positive conversation during a meeting with Kakao M last week.

ㅡ K-Pop industry worker


Kang Daniel went to the US in April to prepare for his solo debut and Ms. Seol accompanied him during this time as well. She reportedly helped him during all of his schedules in America.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel is currently in the last stages of preparation as he aims to make a comeback in July. On June 10, he established a one-man agency, KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT, after the court judged that he can continue his entertainment activities regardless of LM Entertainment.

Update: KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT spoke up to deny any connections between Kang Daniel and Ms. Seol.

It’s true that Kang Daniel is meeting with music distributors, but Ms. Seol has no connection to our company.


Source: Ilgan Sports and Hankook Ilbo