Kang Daniel Reportedly Went To LA With Hong Kong Agent Amid Ongoing Dispute With Agency

Rumors claim he was preparing for his solo album.

Amid his ongoing dispute with LM Entertainment, Kang Daniel reportedly visited Los Angeles with the Hong Kong agent, Ms. Seol.

According to numerous insiders, Kang Daniel left for America after filing an injunction against LM Entertainment for the suspension of his exclusive contract. Rumor has it that he requested to work on his solo album with a famous composer based in LA. An entertainment industry worker said that Kang Daniel would be capable of doing such a thing.

If it’s Kang Daniel, he is more than capable of finding a connection.

ㅡ Entertainment industry worker


According to Ilgan Sports, Kang Daniel was in America even during the original hearing date which was set for April 5. He is said to have visited Los Angeles with the mysterious Hong Kong agent, Ms. Seol, during this time. Ms. Seol is a proxy for Hallyu stars who are seeking advertisements, events, performances or fan meetings and is the woman suspected to be involved in Kang Daniel’s dispute with LM Entertainment.

After completing their schedules in America, Ms. Seol apparently returned to Hong Kong via Incheon one week before Kang Daniel. Kang Daniel returned to Korea in mid-April at approximately 4 am to avoid being seen in public.


A Chinese sasaeng (over-obsessive fan) has also claimed to have seen Kang Daniel and Ms. Seol together through social media. The sasaeng claimed that the last digits of the credit card number of Kang Daniel and Ms. Seol’s plane ticket receipt were identical.

Kang Daniel received a credit card from Ms. Seol and purchased an airline ticket. I wonder what their relationship is.

ㅡ Sasaeng


Meanwhile, Kang Daniel and LM Entertainment’s legal representatives recently attended court for the first questioning and their legal battle continues.

Source: Ilgan Sports

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