Everyone’s Falling In Love With Wanna One Kang Daniel’s New Kitty

“Duck” may be the second cutest thing you’ve ever seen after Kang Daniel!

Anyone who is a fan of Wanna One’s Kang Daniel will know that he is the ultimate cat person.


He originally had two cats, Rooney and Peter, who were apparently rescued by Kang Daniel himself and soon became the envy of all fans.


Recently, Kang Daniel revealed that he had adopted a new kitty whose name is just as cute as its appearance, Duck (오리)!

“Look at this, Duck stretches like cheese lol. It’s so darn cute!” ㅡ Netizen


Duck is an Abyssinian cat, a breed that is known for its short coat and “ticked” tabby pattern.


The idol had once said that if he were to be born again, he would like to be born an Abyssinian cat so it doesn’t come as a surprise that he decided to adopt one!


Kang Daniel uploaded a video of himself trying to become friends with the furry animal and managed to melt the heart of fans.


Of course, fans were extremely jealous of Duck for receiving love (and kisses) from Kang Daniel as well.

“Dear Duck, did you by any chance save the world about three times in your previous life…?” ㅡ Netizen


But they could not deny that the kitty was the cutest thing ever. The tiny little creature is barely the size of Kang Daniel’s huge hands, which, by the way, have been giving some fans heart attacks in itself.


He also proved that he is a true cat lover by mentioning that it was International Cat Day the day before he adopted the cutie.

“Yesterday was International Cat Day! Today is Minhyun’s birthday! Between these two meaningful days, I’ve adopted a new family member. The name is Duck!! Anyway, happy birthday Minhyun!”


Some fans even noticed that Kang Daniel may have a thing for cat ears!


Nonetheless, it seems pretty obvious that Duck is in good hands. Welcome to the family, Duck!

Source: Pann Nate