Kang Daniel Pens Emotional Message Following Bitter End With His Agency

“It’s unfortunate and sad to end this journey with such bad news…”

Kang Daniel has officially announced that his time with KONNECT Entertainment has come to an end.

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Through a heartfelt message to fans posted on his Instagram account, Daniel spoke about how disappointed and sad he was to deliver such news. The former WANNAONE star made sure to thank all staff and artists under the company for the time they shared together after explaining that their journey together had come to a close.

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Daniel’s trouble with KONNECT Entertainment started a few weeks ago when he filed a complaint to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on charges of violation of criminal law and fraud against the major shareholder of the company, Mr. A. Kang claimed that he suffered losses after shareholder A stole his identity and stamped the company seal on an advance distribution contract worth ₩10.0 billion KRW (about $7.25 million USD) in December 2022.

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Following the complaint, it was expected that Daniel would leave the company once his contract expired. Since then all artists have been leaving the agency as well. Due to this, KONNECT Entertainment is set to go out of business soon.

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When addressing fans in his message, Daniel promised that he would keep working hard and prepare for a better future. He also vowed to try his hardest to bring good news soon.

“Hello, this is Kang Daniel.

Can you believe it’s already halfway through the year? As the weather has quickly warmed up, I’ve realized how fast time flies.

The journey with KONNECT, which has been both a protective fence and a lesson in responsibility for me over the past five years, has now come to an end. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to all the employees and partners who have led KONNECT with me, through both tears and laughter. I won’t forget these feelings.

Although it’s unfortunate and sad to end this journey with such bad news, I plan to keep working hard, as I always have. I’ll take this as a time to think and prepare for a brighter future.

And to our DANITYs, who are probably thinking about me more than anyone right now! I promise to always be by your side as Kang Daniel. I’ll do my best to bring you good news soon, so please don’t worry too much and make sure to take care of yourselves. Thank you.”

— Kang Daniel via Instagram

It remains to be seen what Kang Daniel’s next step will be, but fans remain excited and optimistic about his future.

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