Kang Daniel’s Plans to Leave LM Entertainment Were Sparked by BIGBANG’s Seungri, LM Responds Again

The two sides are at crossroads.

It has now been revealed in another exclusive report by Sports Chosun that Kang Daniel is working on terminating his contract, and sent in his official certification to his agency, but now there is another factor in the equation: BIGBANG‘s Seungri.


Earlier, it was reported that Kang Daniel sent his official request to terminate his contract with LM Entertainment, but LM Entertainment called the situation a misunderstanding.

Kang Daniel Reportedly Asked His Agency to Terminate His Contract, LM Entertainment Responds


Sports Chosun’s report has stated that the spark for Kang Daniel’s decision to leave LM Entertainment was BIGBANG’s Seungri. During Kang Daniel’s time with Wanna One, he was able to meet up with Seungri, who introduced him with a Hong Kong woman in her 40’s. Sports Chosun reports that this woman is meeting with various potential investors to lure Kang Daniel away from LM Entertainment.


LM Entertainment and Kang Daniel have been working for the past 3 weeks to try and create a resolution to this issue. LM Entertainment has also stated that their issues are stemming from contract terms, not contract termination.

“It’s true that we have received a certification of contract validation. However this issue is not about contract termination, but about revising certain contract clauses. We are currently in good negotiations.”

— LM Entertainment

Source: Sports Chosun