Kang Daniel Has Reportedly Cut Off Contact With Wanna One And Changed His Phone Number

He cut off contact with them.

Kang Daniel, who is currently in the midst of a lawsuit against his agency LM Entertainment has reportedly changed his phone number and has cut off contact with all of his celebrity friends, which includes the Wanna One members. Because of his ongoing dispute, his solo debut, which was planned for April has been postponed indefinitely.

According to the exclusive report, ever since Kang Daniel’s recent phone number change, he has not been in contact with the Wanna One members. He also has not participated in any conversations in Wanna One’s Kakao chatroom since changing his number.

One entertainment insider revealed that Kang Daniel isn’t contacting any celebrity friends, and did not let them know of his new number.

I heard that Kang Daniel not only is not contacting the Wanna One members, but he also is not in contact with any of his celebrity friends that he became close with through promoting [on various shows].

Because he is going through a dispute with his agency, he changed his phone number. He has not told any [of his celebrity friends] about his new number, so they naturally have been out of contact.”

— Entertainment insider

A different entertainment insider also commented on the reason why Kang Daniel is not talking to any of his celebrity friends at the moment.

Kang Daniel has not concluded his dispute with his agency yet, and he did not want to create anymore rumors or have his own story misinterpreted, so naturally he has been unable to contact his friends. He is doing this because of the situation he is in.

It seems like it will be like this until his situation with his agency is resolved.

— Entertainment insider

Earlier this month, it was reported that Kang Daniel wanted to leave his agency, LM Entertainment. LM Entertainment was created as a management label exclusively for Yoon Jisung and Kang Daniel, following their Wanna One promotions. Kang Daniel released his own post about why he wanted to leave LM Entertainment, promising fans the truth would be revealed.

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