Kang Daniel Revealed His Opinion About His Fans Off Camera—But One DANITY Overheard Everything

This is the second time Kang Daniel’s secret comments have been caught on camera.

Two years after Wanna One‘s candid conversations were revealed in a live broadcast gone wrong, one of Kang Daniel‘s off-camera comments has been exposed once again. This time, on August 10, 2020, a fan overheard what Daniel had to say about his fandom, DANITY…

Back in April 2018, Wanna One came under fire when their live broadcast started earlier than expected and the members’ private conversations were caught on camera. Daniel was heard asking staff why he hadn’t been paid yet, proving idols have work grouses just like the rest of us. Some of the other members, however, were heavily criticized for cursing and making sexual comments.

| @wannaone_twt/Twitter

This time, Kang Daniel’s comment was overheard during a video call fansign. Twitter user Kitten (@kitten_1210), a dedicated DANITY, was lucky enough to win a spot for the online call on August 10. Like many fans, they decided to record the exchange—but little did they know, they were about to capture Daniel giving his true opinion on fans.

| @daniel.k.here/Instagram

He didn’t know that the call had connected and was talking. Although it wasn’t stuff said to me directly, I thought about it and wanted to let everyone hear it together so I’m posting it.

— @kitten_1210/Twitter

And thankfully, this exposé was a lot more positive than the last! Right at the beginning of Kitten’s clip, before he realizes the call has connected, Daniel can be overheard telling a staff member something every fan wants to hear: “…because DANITY are so kind“.

| @daniel.k.here/Instagram

No wonder this DANITY couldn’t help but share the clip with their fellow fans. The video is already nearing 100,000 views on Twitter, with fans around the world expressing how happy they are to hear that Daniel loves them just as much as they love him.

It seems like Kang Daniel must have received a lot of love from DANITY during his online fansigns and couldn’t wait to tell his staff about it. Many have remarked that Daniel himself is just as kind and great at making his whole fandom feel appreciated.

Watch the original clip for yourself here:

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