Kang Daniel Reveals That Watching Singers Perform Gave Him Motivation During A Period Of Depression

It brought back his desire to perform!

On an episode of MBC‘s Radio Star which aired on February 17th, Kang Daniel revealed that watching other singers performing gave him a renewed passion for music.

Daniel said that, by watching all of the idols and artists performing, he found a new desire to get back on the stage and perform to his fans.

I thought, ‘I want to stand on stage’

— Kang Daniel

Late last year, Daniel took some time off due to mental and physical health issues.

He explained that he lost the drive and, at one point, thought about quitting.

It felt like I had become an animal rather than a human.

— Kang Daniel

It was this feeling but also the newfound motivation that inspired his new song “Paranoia.”

The song puts a focus on the dark aspects of his life that some idols are reluctant to speak about but also the love from his friends, family and fans which have kept him positive!

Source: MBC Entertainment

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