Kang Daniel’s Scarf From This Past Winter Was Reportedly A Hand-Knitted Gift From TWICE’s Jihyo

“He wanted to make sure someone saw him wear that scarf.”

Back in December of last year, Kang Daniel was spotted wearing a knitted scarf. No one thought much about it at the time, but his airport fashion has resurfaced in light of his relationship news with TWICE‘s Jihyo.


One netizen claimed that the scarf was hand-knitted by TWICE’s Jihyo and was gifted to him as a birthday gift! He was seen wearing the scarf just a few days after his birthday when he was on his way to 2018 MAMA.

Last year, on his way to 2018 MAMA (December 10~14) and after his birthday (December 10), Kang Daniel wore an outfit that was all coordinated except for a scarf that was knitted by someone. It looked like he wanted to make sure someone saw him wear that scarf.

A lot of sites noted that the scarf was different from his usual style.

— Netizen


Last year, Jihyo was seen personally hand-knitting multiple scarves and hats for her members.


The members had all worn her gifts on various occasions. They even showed off the gifts through social media.

“Winter is scary but I think I’ll be warmer if I wear this hand-knitted scarf by Jihyo unnie”

— Tzuyu


The knitting style seemed to look similar to Kang Daniel’s particular scarf.


Although it’s uncertain if the scarf was indeed a gift from Jihyo, it’s sure fun to imagine Jihyo knitting her boyfriend a scarf that’s full of love!


Long live this adorable King & Queen couple!

Source: Top Star News, Nate Pann and Instiz