Someone Trademarked Kang Daniel’s Name And It Wasn’t Kang Daniel Or LM Entertainment

They applied for 2 trademarks related to Kang Daniel.

An unknown person has submitted a trademark application for Kang Daniel‘s name and Kang Daniel is considering filing a formal objection.

According to YTN Star, an unidentified person “A” who lives in Gwangju Metropolitan City submitted a trademark application for Kang Daniel’s English name on March 15. Both Kang Daniel and LM Entertainment have claimed that they do not know this person.

 The person who submitted a trademark application for Kang Daniel’s name is not from our side. We are internally discussing about what measures to take such as applying for a formal objection in regards to the (trademark) application.

ㅡ Kang Daniel’s lawyer

We are not able to submit a trademark application in relation to Kang Daniel at the moment. This is because all of his entertainment activities have been suspended due to our dispute with Kang Daniel. ‘A’ is not a person from our side. We do not have any clue who this person is.

ㅡ LM Entertainment


“A” applied for 2 trademarks: class 9 (software for virtual reality games, conversational video game programs, online game programs, etc.) and class 41 (performance event business, entertainment variety service, performance planning consultation, etc.)


Meanwhile, Kang Daniel’s dispute with LM Entertainment is still ongoing with the interrogation date for the injunction filed by Kang Daniel having been delayed.


Source: YTN
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