Dispatch Reports Kang Daniel And TWICE’s Jihyo Are Dating

Congratulations to the couple.

Dispatch has reported that top idols Kang Daniel and TWICE’s Jihyo are reportedly dating.

On August 1, Kang Daniel and Jihyo were spotted reportedly having a date together in Hannam-dong. According to Dispatch, the two began dating at the beginning of 2019.

Everything about their date was top secret, meeting at Kang Daniel’s Hannam-dong home. Jihyo drove her own Mercedes to Kang Daniel’shome, as TWICE is still living in a dorm together, making Kang Daniel’s home the suitable place for a date.

Even though both idols are busy with their own schedules, they continued to go on dates together. They were able to go on more than one date a week. They would consistently meet even though TWICE would embark on their world tour.

They also reportedly spent July 25 together. July 25 is significant as that is Kang Daniel’s solo debut date. When Kang Daniel finished his solo debut showcase, Jihyo visited him.

The two started having feelings for each other in 2018. A fellow idol was the link between the two. One person close to the two hinted that it was a senior idol that was close to both idols that built the link between the two.

It is reportedly an “official” couple within TWICE. In reality, Jihyo even went to Kang Daniel’s house with a different member driving her to there, and later that same member went to pick her up.

The two relied on each other for support during their recent hard times. Jihyo helped Kang Daniel when he was going through his rough times with his lawsuit, leading up to his solo debut. When Jihyo was tired, Kang Daniel was able to help her recharge her energy.

Currently, both JYP Entertainment and KONNECT Entertainment are looking into the report.


Source: Newsen and Dispatch