Kang Daniel Just Asked This Girl Out To Dinner But Fans Aren’t Mad In The Slightest

Wanna One’s Kang Daniel promised to take his mega-fan, Kim Kyung Ae, out to dinner!

The Curling Avengers of South Korea stole many hearts around the world with their impressive skills and charisma during the Pyeongchang Olympics.


One of the atheletes, Kim Kyung Ae, is a confessed Wannable and Kang Daniel stan.


She’s famous for her hobby, which is to look at Kang Daniel’s smile. Totally relatable.


The Curling Avengers guested on the an episode of Infinity Challenge, and they surprised Kim Kyung Ae with a phone call with Daniel!


When he said he had knew that Kyung Ae was his fan, she flew out of her chair and started to weep.


Daniel expressed his thanks to Kyung Ae and promised to treat her to dinner!

“Since a national athlete is my fan, I want to work harder to be a respected singer. If I get to meet you, I’d like to treat you to meat dinner.” — Kang Daniel


They ended off the adorable conversation by sending hearts to each other “over the phone”, which Kim Kyung Ae ate up.


Her teammates spilled the tea to Daniel about how much she loves him.

They told Daniel that the walls of her room are covered in photos of him, to the point that it makes her mother upset. Her real sister and team member Young Mi shared that everything she buys has to do with Kang Daniel and Wanna One albums are piled up at their home.


Even her coach said that Kyung Ae wanted to get free Kang Daniel posters, so they held their team dinner at Lotteria for her.


Now she won’t have to drag her team to Lotteria, since Kang Daniel will be treating her to dinner himself!


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