Kang Dong Won also fails to get tickets for BIGBANG’s concert

Kang Dong Won and fellow actor Hwang Jung Min have expressed their difficulty to get tickets to BIGBANG’s upcoming concert. 

BIGBANG is set to perform the final dates for their MADE world tour at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in March. However, as the first few rounds of tickets were released, advanced reservations were booked for all 15,000 seats for about 10 minutes.

Despite the speed of booking tickets and prevention of possible hoarding by holding only four tickets for each transaction, the tickets were quickly resold to other fans through SNS and community boards.

Among those who could not grab hold of the reservations was actor Hwang Jung Min, who recently confessed that he failed to get tickets for the concert. In a recent radio show, he tried to get the help of KAng Dong Won, who may have connections having signed with the agency.

However, Kang Dong Won was also unable to obtain the tickets despite being under the same management agency as BIGBANG. It was found out that concert tickets were not immediately allocated to affiliated actors and staff.

BIGBANG is set to hold the last three dates of their tour on March 4-6.

Source: TVReport