Kang Dong Won’s Past Comments About Girl Groups And His “Ideal Type” Resurfaces Amid BLACKPINK’s Rosé Dating Allegations

Kang Dong Won previously spoke about how he felt about girl group members.

Kang Dong Won‘s past comments about his ideal type resurfaced amid dating rumors alleging he is dating BLACKPINK‘s Rosé.

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On April 17, several news outlets reported on dating allegations involving Kang Dong Won and Rosé.

YG Entertainment Responds To Rumors Of BLACKPINK’s Rosé And Kang Dong Won Dating

Amid the allegations, Kang Dong Won’s past comments about his ideal type have resurfaced and have since gone viral. In 2014, the actor was interviewed about his ideal type. The actor, who was being interviewed for his then-upcoming movie My Brilliant Life, introduced his character.

I play the role of Dae Su, who loves his son very much. (Dae Su) is an immature father who loves girl groups and steals his sons toys.

— Kang Dong Won

The interviewer then brought up the many girl group members who picked him as their “ideal type,” which includes SuzyTaeyeon, and Hyorin, among others, and asked which girl group was Kang Dong Won’s favorite, to which Kang Dong Won gave a very diplomatic answer.

I love all girl groups.

— Kang Dong Won

Kang Don Won also gave a more thorough answer to his ideal type in a previous interview with E-Daily.

Appearances are really not important to me. I like someone who is unique and lives in her own world. People like that exude a special vibe. I’m attracted to people like that.

— Kang Dong Won

Meanwhile, Kang Dong Won is renowned as one of Korea’s most handsome actors. The actor debuted  in 2003 and was catapulted to fame due to his good looks. Kang Dong Won is best known for his roles in Romance Of Their Own, My Brilliant Life, and Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned.

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