BJ Kang Eun Bi And Actress Ha Na Gyeong Get Into Heated Conflict On Live Broadcast

Some netizens are claiming that they fabricated the whole conflict.

Actress-turned-BJ Kang Eun Bi has been receiving attention for calling out actress Ha Na Gyeong on a live broadcast.

On May 7, Kang Eun Bi received a phone call from Ha Na Gyeong during her live stream. BJ Nam Soon had made a surprise phone call to Kang Eung Bi with Ha Na Gyeong, who was guesting on his show.


In response to Ha Na Gyeong’s friendly greetings, Kang Eun Bi did not show much enthusiasm and ended the call within a short 1 minute. Then, she said to her viewers that she is not close with Ha Na Gyeong.

We don’t speak informally or have each other’s contact information. We’re not that close.

ㅡ Kang Eun Bi


After Kang Eun Bi’s reaction to the phone call and her comment, viewers began expressing that Kang Eun Bi was cold and impolite. Kang Eun Bi fired back, explaining that it was all because of a mistake Ha Na Gyeong made after drinking during their last gathering for their 2014 film Wrestling.

At first, she said she was the same age as me. So we spoke informally. But at the gathering after she got drunk, she told me not to speak to her informally and said let’s ignore each other so I just stopped acting like I knew her since then. That’s why I had no choice but to be cold (when I answered the call).

ㅡ Kang Eun Bi


As BJ Namsoon began receiving questions about the issue on his live broadcast, which was ongoing at the same time, he called Kang Eun Bi once again leading to a direct confrontation between Kang Eun Bi and Ha Na Gyeong.

Are you trying to throw me under the bus? I never did that. I don’t remember, but if I did do that I’m sorry. But if something like that happened, you could’ve talked to me in private. It’s not right to do that on live broadcast.

ㅡ Ha Na Gyeong

Even if my channel goes belly up, I want to say these things. I know you’ve been talking behind my back.

ㅡ Kang Eun


Some netizens have been claiming that the two celebrities fabricated the scenario to increase the number of their viewers while others expressed that the phone calls sounded too natural to be an act.

Watch Kang Eun Bi’s live broadcast below:

Source: Herald Economy