Former Actress Reveals She Witnessed Staff Install A Hidden Camera During A Shower Scene

He was also filming it with his phone.

Actress-turned-Youtube star Kang Eun Bi revealed in a recent video that she has witnessed a staff member install a hidden camera to film an actress during a shower scene.


The story came up as she brought up the news about the hidden camera in Apink Bomi and Shin Se Kyung’s dorm room.

Hidden Cameras Found In Apink Bomi And Shin Se Kyung’s Dorm Room


She explained that it happened when she was sent to a film set by her agency to watch how everything is done. It just so happened that the scene they were filming on that day was a shower scene.


Because she wasn’t able to enter the studio, she was waiting outside. The audio director was also outside as audio directors were not required to be inside the studio.


She later found out that the audio director not only installed the audio, but also installed a hidden camera with the audio.

“There’s a big audio screen like this and next to it was a smaller screen [for the hidden camera] and he was watching it.”


She added that he wasn’t only watching the hidden camera. He was also filming it with his phone.

“He was saving it onto his phone.”


She concluded that many people saw this happening so the man was probably reported in the end.


Watch the full video below:

Source: Youtube