Why Kang Ha Neul Doesn’t Like Being Called An Actor

“Don’t call me actor Kang Ha Neul.”

Despite Kang Ha Neul rising to fame by acting in famous dramas like The Heirs, Misaeng: Incomplete Life, and When the Camelia Blooms, he isn’t a fan of being called an actor.

Kang Ha Neul

He revealed why he disliked the label so much while promoting his upcoming movie 30 Days alongside his co-star actress Jung So Min.

The K-Star Next Door‘s host, Jonathan, mentioned a post where Kang Ha Neul said, “Don’t call me actor Kang Ha Neul. I’m just Kang Ha Neul.” Cracking a smile at hearing his words repeated back to him, the star immediately wanted to explain his statement.

Kang Ha Neul voiced his annoyance at constantly being labeled “actor this, actor that.” The reason revealed just how humble the successful star is.

Acknowledging the praise he’s received, Kang Ha Neul explained he hasn’t earned the title yet because he’s still growing as an actor. It’s also why he writes “student” whenever he has to list his job on a form.

I’m still learning every time. But people make it sound like I’m complete. And I appreciate that.

— Kang Ha Neul

Regardless of the praise Kang Ha Neul receives, he admitted that he “feels better” when people just call him Kang Ha Neul.

Listen to Kang Ha Neul’s humble explanation for not wanting to be labeled as an actor—at least not yet.