Kang Ha Neul, INFINITE’s Sunggyu, and More Involved In Car Accident

Luckily there were only minor injuries.

The cast of military musical Shinheung Military Academy was involved in a car accident in Sinsa-dong earlier today (March 26) while they were en route to their performance venue.

According to entertainment officials, the car accident was bad enough that the bus windows were broken, and both the actors in the musical as well as the staff on board the bus were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries.

Due to the number of staff members and actors in the musical at the hospital being treated for minor injuries such as cuts or bruises, the production team has decided to cancel the performance for today. The actors and staff who were confirmed to have no injuries were moved to the performance hall.

Woollim Entertainment confirmed Infinite’s Sunggyu was on the bus at the time of the accident, but had no injuries.

We received the report from the military and the production company, and have confirmed Sunggyu has no health problems.

Sunggyu is currently a soldier, so please contact the military or the musical production company, Shownote, for more information

— Woollim Entertainment

It was also confirmed that Kang Ha Neul and musical actor Go Eun Sung were present on the bus during the time of the accident. SEM Company confirmed Kang Ha Neul is okay.

Kang Ha Neul was not seriously injured. The performance was cancelled so examinations could be given to those involved, to check for any possible after effects from the accident.

— SEM Company

Shinheung Military Academy is a musical about how a group of young adults take the lead to create a sense of bond through difficult training, in order to overcome Japan’s rule of Korea. The musical tells a story of the youth of Korea sacrificing themselves to create a brighter future for the country.

Other celebrities who are participating in the musical include SHINee’s Onew, Ji Chang Wook, and Jo Kwon.

Source: Single List and Sports Seoul