Kang Ha Neul reveals his hidden feelings for IU in latest episode of “Scarlet Heart”

The most recent episode of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (hereby known as Scarlet Heart) is gaining a lot of attention with Kang Ha Neul character’s confession.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not continue reading if you have not seen this episode yet.

In the August 30th broadcast of Scarlet Heart, Wang Wook (Kang) saved Hae Su (IU) from Wang So (Lee Jun Ki).

Wang Wook, upon losing the assailant, aimed his sword at an angered Wang So in order to save Hae Su. However, because Wang So was reluctant to relinquish Hae Su, Wang Wook exclaimed, “Please release her for my sake.”

With Wang Wook’s help, Hae Su was able to return home while Madam Hae (Park Si Eun) thanked Wang Wook, “Thanks for saving Hae Su, and I am regretful for consistent troubles.”

Wang Wook replied, “I am not bothered at all. I am excited to see her foolhardy yet determined attitude. I look forward to the days I will see her,” signaling his potential romantic interests.

Scarlet Heart is already gaining popularity and interest since it began airing this month, especially in China. In Korea, they’ve so far topped at 10.4% according to Nielsen in the capital area.