Kang Ha Neul’s agency denies that he is dating IU

It was a match made in heaven when rumors said Kang Ha Neul and IU were dating… but was eventually denied.

On September 10, Kang Ha Neul’s agency responded to the news of the two dating after a photo of them together was revealed to the public.

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“It’s true IU and Kang Ha Neul met up, but they are not dating.

They are close associates since working for the same drama together.”

– Kang Ha Neul’s agency

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The two were spotted at a cafe together the day before Kang Ha Neul was due to enlist in the military.

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The speculations strengthened as many talked about their matched outfits, which gave them a “couple look.”

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It’s all, sadly, unfounded and Kang Ha Neul entered the military for mandatory service on September 11.

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Source: TVReport