Kang Han Na Denies Dating Rumors With Taiwanese Actor Darren Wang

This is the second time within a year rumors of the two have spread.

Actress Kang Han Na‘s agency Fantagio has denied dating rumors of the actress and Taiwanese actor Darren Wang.

Kang Hanna is an actress who gained recognition from her appearance in the movie Empire of Lust as well as the drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo while Darren Wang is a famous Taiwanese actor who has appeared on multiple Taiwanese movies and television series.


The two are known to have met while filming the Chinese drama Mu Ye Gui Shi together.


This would be the second time rumors of the two dating have spread within a year.


The first round of rumors began when they were seen at an amusement park in Osaka, Japan in April of last year.


At the time, both Darren Wang and Kang Hanna denied the rumors claiming that “they went to the amusement park with other people and coincidently ran into each other“.


This time, they were spotted at a fish market in Taiwan. They were said to have run off in an expensive sports car after discovering reporters.


An affiliate of Fantagio Entertainment stated that the photos were taken while the two actors were shopping at the market and having a meal with other friends. They once again stated that they were not dating.

“Kang Hanna and Darren Wang were simply photographed shopping at the fish market to prepare for a meal with other acquaintances and are not in a relationship. They were not alone.” ㅡ Fantagio Entertainment

Source: Osen