Kang Hanna Talks About The Extremely Sexy Dress She Wore To A Film Festival

“It was the worst picture ever.”

Kang Hanna has recently climbed the top of the real-time search rankings with a dress she wore to a film festival 5 years ago.


On a recent episode of Happy Together 4, Kang Hanna introduced the extremely revealing dress she wore to the 2013 Busan International Film Festival as “the worst picture ever“.


The sexy dress completely revealed the actress’s back down to the top of her bottom.


Designed by Maglogan, a popular brand among many actresses, the dress was a beautiful yet bold choice to wear in front of the relatively conservative Korean public.


Maglogan stated that the beauty of the female body has always been focused on the chest and so this time, they wanted to maximize the beauty of the back and the hipline through this design.


Kang Hanna explained that looking back on the dress now, it seemed to make her look too fierce and also mentioned that at the time, people had accused her of having tattoos on her bottom as well.

“This dress is made by designer Maglogan, who is popular among many actresses. When they suggested [the dress], I thought it was refreshing and unique, but stylish. I exuded an attitude that suited the dress but now that I look at it now, I think I may have looked to fierce. Also, there were people saying I got a tattoo on my bottom but it was just the folded mesh fabric.”

ㅡ Kang Hanna


Despite her doubts, MC Yoo Jae Suk complimented her for her dress, stating that it was “an admirable choice” and many others also praised the actress for her confidence as well.


Check out more of her photos below: