Kang Ho Dong Walks Out In Public With JYP’s Infamous Clear Plastic Pants In Complete Confidence

He rocked it even better than JYP himself!

During the latest episode of New Journey To The West 7, the members each had to recreate a popular style from the early 90s.


And Kang Ho Dong was matched with Park Jin Young‘s infamous clear, plastic pants that was years before its time!


Kang Ho Dong donned the clear, completely transparent pants with short black underpants, and the visual was a complete shock to everyone!


Ever the kind dongsaeng, Mino complimented Kang Ho Dong on his “very detailed lean muscles“.


Perhaps it was due to Mino’s sweet compliment, but Kang Ho Dong then found the confidence he needed to completely own the look!


He walked out into public with nothing but confidence as he spent the whole day in the outfit!


And thus, Kang Ho Dong once again took legend and became an even bigger legend!

Source: Newsen