Kang Ho Dong reveals he once saved Sooyoung life

Kang Ho Dong revealed that he once saved Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung from getting hurt ten years ago.

During a recent episode of Knowing Brothers, the cast members held a competition to see which members lived the most moral life. Each member had to share about a time he did a good deed. If the deed was not considered to be good enough, he would have to get flicked on the forehead by guest Seo Ye Ji.

When it was Kang Ho Dong’s turn to share, he showed off his modesty.

“If we were to compete over good deeds, I would be last place. I don’t have any good stories to share, because the moment I do a good deed, I forget about it.”

– Kang Ho Dong

“But I will tell this one story since I have to share.”

Annoyed at his fake modesty, the other cast members chanted “Finger flick! Finger flick!” before Kang Ho Dong carried on with his story.

“It happened 10 years ago. I was on a stage with Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, and there was an area on the stage that didn’t have any support fixtures. Sooyoung stepped on that area and it broke, so she was about to fall into the hole. But I grabbed her waist and pulled her back.

The craziest part is that my body reacted even before I thought about it. She was at risk of getting injured. Sooyoung called me her life savior, but I responded that anyone would have saved her in that situation.

I didn’t tell this story to anyone for 10 years. Honestly, I don’t even like that I’m telling this story right now. I ask all the reporters in our country to refrain from writing news articles on this. I also ask all the viewers to forget about this story.”

Kang Ho Dong

Check out the clip from the episode below!

Source: Naver