Kang Hye Jung revealed to have written the lyrics for Bobby Kim’s “Good Thing”

In his recent comeback showcase, Bobby Kim reveals that he was helped by Tablo’s wife, actress Kang Hye Jung, in the composition of his lyrics in the album. 

Bobby Kim held an exclusive showcase for his fourth album Mirror held at The Riverside Hotel in Seochu, Seoul on October 22nd. In the showcase, he revealed that he collaborated with actress Kang Hye Jung in composing the lyrics to his track “Good Thing”.

According to Bobby Kim, he has always entrusted his lyrics to Tablo, but due to his involvement in every single album, he thought he’d ask his wife instead. The singer revealed that Kang Hye Jung’s bright and optimistic personality on Superman is Back was a decisive factor for him to ask her to help with the lyrics.

Earlier today, Bobby Kim released his fourth album Mirror along with his title track and music video for “Apology”.

Source: Newsen