Kang Hyewon Looked For (G)I-DLE Shuhua’s Number For 2 Years, But Here’s Why They Only Became Friends Recently

The two have been wanting to be friends for 2 years, but only bridged the gap now!

Kang Hyewon recently talked about her friendship with (G)I-DLE‘s Shuhua, and revealed that they became friends only recently, even though she’s been trying for the last 2 years!

Hyewon and Shuhua

Hyewon is currently hosting her show Hyewon’s Court Case, where she invites guests and charges them with “crimes”. This time, she brought Shuhua on as a guest, and charged her with “not being her friend for the last 2 years”!

Hyewon revealed that she really liked Shuhua even before they became friends, and tried really hard to get her number for 2 years but she failed! The two idols also went to the same makeup salon, so Hyewon also wanted to introduce herself, but was too shy to do it!

I really wanted to get her number, but I couldn’t find it. But we go to the same salon, so I was thinking of introducing myself and getting along. I was so shy that I only said ‘Hi’ once! Even that was like from 2 meters away from her…And that’s how I left.


Shuhua also revealed that the two took a long time to become friends because they were very awkward with each other!

It was kind of awkward. Such as times before putting on makeup, and [at the Idol E-Sports competition] she was so far away when she was gaming. [When they see Hyewon waving] My members tell me, ‘There’s Hyewon!’ Then I say, ‘Where?’

And I see her, and she’s doing something else like she doesn’t know me!


But now, the two are totally creating the bridge to a great friendship!

Watch the cute moment here!

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