Kang Jiyoung reveals her hopes to star in action movies after practicing boxing

Former KARA member, Kang Jiyoung revealed in an interview that she’s always wanted to be an actress, even before debuting as a member of KARA.

In an interview with Japanese magazine, With, Jiyoung revealed that she has wanted to act ever since debuting with the rest of the members of KARA. She revealed, “I always wanted to be an actress who could even do action movies. I started boxing last year and am getting ready bit by bit.”

Jiyoung left the popular girl group to study in England, but less than half a year later, signed with Japanese company Sweet Power and began promoting in Japan. In the interview, she continued to say, “I’ve always wanted to live in England. A friend I made in England is the CEO of the company that I’m in right now.”

During the interview, Jiyoung revealed that she spends most of her time studying Japanese, as even while in KARA her Japanese was the most lacking, with controversy regarding her pronunciation being a hot topic at the time. She hopes to study hard so she “can communicate in Japanese without the use of a translator”.

Jiyoung appeared in Hell Teacher Nube and Assassination Classroom and is walking a path of an actress in Japan. Her recent photo shoot which was very racy was met with mixed responses from back home in Korea.

Source: Ex Sports News