Kang Jiyoung to star in Japanese film, “Assassination Classroom”

Former KARA member, Kang Jiyoung, is set to make her debut as a sexy assassinator in upcoming Japanese film, Assassination Classroom. 

On October 22nd, Oricon Sytle confirmed that , “Jiyoung will star in the movie Assassination Classroom as a blond haired sexy teacher who lives a dual life as a murderer.”  It is revealed that the character Kang Jiyoung will be playing is one of the most popular ones from the original work.  

According to an affiliated member, “Jiyoung is perfect for this cute and sexy role as her acting is very natural, even in action scenes which involves guns. Everyone has high expectations for her.”

Assassination Classroom is based on a setting where the earth is being attacked by alien creatures. In order to protect the earth from falling apart, middle school kids come together as killers.

When asked about the film, Kang Jiyoung reportedly made a comment saying, “I am thrilled to be starring in a movie based on a popular anime. Although I am nervous for my debut, I will try my best.” Meanwhile, she is also busy participating in Nihon TV‘s Hell Teacher Nube.

Source: Dispatch