Kang Jiyoung turns into a sexy blonde teacher for “Assassination Classroom”

Kang Jiyoung, a former member of KARA, transforms into a sexy blonde teacher in her upcoming movie Assassination Classroom.

Since making her debut as part of KARA, Kang Jiyoung takes the first step as an actress as she promotes her upcoming film.

On August 17th, the production team and casts of Assassination Classroom held a press conference in Seoul Lotte Cinema World Tower. During the press conference, the singer and actress revealed that, “I was surprised that many fans and people came and I am so happy to be able to appear in Korea for the first time as an actress.” When asked if she will be venturing into acting in South Korea as well, Kang Jiyoung honestly remarked that, “Of course I am going to work in Korea as well. Whenever there is an opportunity and a good project to work on, I will run and give my all.”

Meanwhile, Assassination Classroom is a film based on a popular anime of the same title which has a large following fanbase. With the main character Shiota Nagisa led by Japanese actor Yasada Ryosuke, actress Kang Jiyoung will play the role Irina Jelavić, who is the glamorous blonde teacher.

The movie Assassination Classroom will be in Korean theaters on August 27th after having already been premiered in Japan.

Source: Sports Chosun