Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung Faces Backlash For Allegedly Underpaying Her Employees

Kang Min Kyung has since responded to the controversy.

Davichi‘s Kang Min Kyung is being criticized for allegedly paying low wages to the employees of her fashion brand.

Kang Min Kyung | @iammingki/Instagram

The ballad singer’s fashion brand recently listed a job hiring post, which quickly went viral for all the wrong reasons.

On January 5, Kang Min Kyung posted an Instagram story in which she revealed that her fashion brand was hiring. In the post, the singer revealed that she was hiring a customer service representative and designer.

Kang Min Kyung’s Instagram story |

For the customer service representative, Kang Min Kyung wrote that she was looking for college-educated professionals with 3-7 years of experience. Controversy arose, however, when she wrote that she would be paying an annual salary of ₩25.0 million KRW (about $19,600 USD) for the position.

Official job posting | theqoo

Due to the controversy, Kang Min Kyung quickly posted another story in which she stated that the original job posting mistakenly reflected the salary of an entry-level position at their job. The job posting has been edited to say that the salary will be decided after the interview.

Kang Min Kyung’s story | @iammingki/Instagram

I was shocked by all of the DMs, so I checked the job posting. And I was even more shocked… Due to the mistake of our employee, the CS posting stated our entry-level salary. Àvie Muah considers applicants’ experience and previous salary in the hiring process. We are waiting for precious people to work with us.

— Kang Min Kyung

Netizens, however, weren’t convinced and criticized Kang Min Kyung’s explanation. Netizens criticized the job posting, with many stating that the annual salary was far below the industry norm. Many expressed that they were disappointed in Kang Min Kyung.

  • “I like her less after she blamed the innocent employee.”
  • “Wow, this is so shocking. LOL.”
  • “This is what happens when your owner is so out of touch.”
  • “This makes me really hate her.”
  • “That’s a long way to say that she is hiring slaves.”
  • “The fact that she survived the sponsorship-ad controversy is a little funny if you think about it now.”
Source: wikitree and sbs
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