[★BREAKING] Kang Seung Yoon rushed to hospital during show filming

WINNER‘s Kang Seung Yoon has been rushed to the hospital while filming for his SBS reality-travel show, “Flower Crew”. 

YG Entertainment has confirmed that the singer is currently hospitalized due to an extremely high fever. Seung Yoon was filming for “Flower Crew” on January 24th when he was taken to the emergency room.

“It’s true that he was taken to the hospital because of high fever and the doctor revealed that he should be hospitalized. He is currently at the hospital receiving treatment and has been for the last two days. The filming for ‘Flower Crew’ is still on going today but he will not be able to participate. We ask that you please understand.”

— YG Entertainment

The news was not revealed until today, although he was taken to the hospital yesterday. Kang Seung Yoon is still in the hospital as of January 25th, which means he’s been hospitalized for two days now.

SBS also released a statement immediately after YG Entertainment spoke to media. However, their statement states that Seung Yoon suffered from “stomach aches” instead of a high fever. The diagnosis of his condition has been revealed and confirmed as gastritis caused by stress.

“According to the filming crew, Kang Seung Yoon did go to the hospital. He has been suffering from stomach aches since January 23rd. The filming crew urged him to go to the hospital in the morning, where he was treated. From what [we] hear, he’s currently in the process of leaving the hospital.”


YG Entertainment has confirmed their statement to numerous media at the time of publishing.

Source: Ilgan Sports