Beautiful Actress Reveals Her Adorable Daughter On-Camera

“I want to make memories with my daughter…”

Actress Kang So Ra revealed her oldest daughter on camera.

Kang So Ra | @reveramess_/Instagram

On December 14, the actress uploaded a video to her YouTube channel. In the video, Kang So Ra could be seen filming a photoshoot while still pregnant with her second child.

During the photoshoot, the actress admitted that this photoshoot was special for her .

I have never been this concerned about a photoshoot. It feels different because this photoshoot is a record that I am leaving for myself. I will be giving birth soon. I am having this photoshoot because I want to make memories with my daughter and the child in my belly.

— Kang So Ra

The actress then showed her daughter, who looked shockingly similar to her mother. Kang So Ra then revealed that her adorable daughter, who is now 30 months old, loved people.

She’s now only 30 months old. She’s shy but loves attention. She loves it when people give her attention.

— Kang So Ra

Meanwhile, Kang So Ra married her husband in 2020. You can watch her full video in the link below.

Source: wikitree