Kang Sora Will Not Be Leaving Her Agency To Be Managed By Her Cousin

Actress Kang Sora is rumored to be creating a one-person agency that’s managed by her cousin after leaving Will Entertainment in October.

Reports from numerous Korean media sources revealed the actress was  originally co-managed by Will Entertainment and Plum Entertainment.

When Kang Sora‘s contract ended with Will Entertainment, she decided to continue soley under Plum Entertainment. Kang Sora’s official representatives have since released a statement declaring the rumor false.

Kang Sora in Jeans and Leather Jacket
Kang Sora looking amazing in white-tee, jeans, and a leather jacket.

Some of Kang Sora‘s well-known past dramas include: Dream High 2, Doctor Stranger, Misaeng, and Warm and Cozy.

Kang with Camera
Sora looking so good, the camera wants a picture with her. Image Source: Canon Korea

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