Kang Sunghoon Suspected of Selling Gifts from Fans on a Second-Hand Website

The account in question listed a Louis Vuitton dog collar that is one of a kind in the country.

Recently, a post regarding suspicions of SECHSKIESKang Sunghoon selling gifts he received from fans began circulating on social media and online communities.

The gift in question was a Louis Vuitton dog collar, and the fan that gifted it to him claimed, “There’s only one of these in the country.

And when in the post made on a second-hand website, it also stated, “The last one in the country.

But that’s not all. The account that fans are suspecting as Kang Sunghoon’s is supposedly also selling shoes, accessories, and more that were gifted to him by fans.

Fans asked that Kang Sunghoon offer an explanation, but the seller account in question disappeared shortly after, only making the suspicions grow further.

Source: Insight