(★BREAKING) Kangin Assaulted A Girl At Alleged Sex Brothel, Kangin currently missing

Earlier reports said that Kangin had hit his girlfriend at a bar and that’s when authorities were called in. 

(★BREAKING) Super Junior’s Kangin physically assaults girlfriend, Police are called in

New reports are claiming that Kangin was not at an average bar but in actuality, a “room salon” establishment.

Some Room salons are known to be fronts for prostitution rings where alcohol is served and sexual services are part of the package as well. 

The image above is a photo of a room salon establishment but in no way related to Kangin’s current case.

A policeman with knowledge of Kangin’s case made the following statement to the press. 

“It was first reported that Kangin was at a bar in Sinsa-dong but after all the information was sorted, it was found that he was in fact in a room salon establishment in Nonhyeon-dong.

Early reports said that he was with his girlfriend but that can’t be either confirmed or denied as of yet. We [the police] do not know about that, only their agency and Kangin will know the truth about that.

Kangin was indeed drunk but he was not completely overtaken by alcohol.

It looks like there was a minor fight between Kangin and the other person but by the time we arrived they both had amicably reached peace.

When the police arrived at the establishment, the location wasn’t too torn or messy so we did not have to pursue this investigation further.

Since the victim did not wish to press charges, that also added to our decision to not pursue this investigation any further.

— Gangnam Policeman

SM Entertainment previously made a statement that they were looking into the situation but as of now, their second statement seems to say that they still don’t know the whole situation. 

We will release a full statement when we know more about the situation later on. At the moment however, we are unable to contact Kangin.

— SM Entertainment