Kangnam’s Comments About ATEEZ San And Wooyoung’s Friendship Tattoos Leave Some Fans Disgusted

San and Wooyoung often talk about their friendship.

ATEEZ‘s San and Wooyoung are incredibly close, and fans have loved seeing the two idols achieve success together.

ATEEZ’s San (left) and Wooyoung (right)

As a testament to their bond, they got matching tattoos of the Latin phrase “Amicus ad aras,” which literally translates to “friends until death” or “friends until the end.” Each even has it tattooed in the same place!

While they are not the only idols to have friendship tattoos, fans recently felt uncomfortable with another star’s reaction.

San and Wooyoung recently appeared on former M.I.B member and TV personality Kangnam‘s My Neighborhood Friend Kangnami to promote the group’s recent comeback.

San and Wooyoung with Kangnam (center) | Instagram

As the three are putting up a tent, Wooyoung confirms that he and San are very close, mentioning their matching tattoos.

After confirming that they were friendship tattoos, Kangnam says, “weird,” leading San to clarify.

Wooyoung explains that the idea was his first as he likes tattoos. Kangnam then asks San if he has multiple tattoos, and when the ATEEZ member says the friendship one is his only, makes a face.

San then says “isn’t it romantic,” as Kangnam asks more questions about the tattoo. Kangnam then says “it’s like a movie,” after learning the tattoo’s meaning.

After the clip was shared on X, fans gave their thoughts about the interaction. Some felt that it was strange that Kangnam immediately went to making suggestive jokes about their closeness

The implication that the two men would only be so close if they were romantically involved is an idea often found in toxic masculinity. Toxic masculinity is a concept that emphasizes harmful ideas of what it means to be “manly,” i.e. not showing emotions, violence, misogyny, and homophobia.

Toxic masculinity can affect mental and physical health in many different ways.


Others thought it was outright homophobic, especially with how Kangnam made a “disgusted” face at the thought.

You can check out the full episode below.