Kangnam And Lee Sang Hwa Will Be Getting Married In October

They’re getting married!

Former idol turned entertainer Kangnam and two-time Olympic gold medalist Lee Sang Hwa will reportedly be getting married in October.

According to an exclusive report, Kangnam and Lee Sang Hwa will be holding their wedding in the Seoul area in October, and exchange their 100-year vows.

There were been rumors about the two getting married in the past, and while his agency did deny those rumors at the time, they did confirm that Kangnam does have intentions of marrying her, but now those rumors are true!

It’s true that he’s dating Lee Sang Hwa with sincere intentions of marriage, but it’s not true that they are already planning for their wedding.

It’s true that the couple has both talked with their families about the potential marriage, but there’s nothing to announce yet.

— DMOST Entertainment

Kangnam’s agency Dmost Entertainment and Lee Sang Hwa’s agency BONBOO ENT confirmed the report with their joint statement.

Hello, this is Dmost Entertainment and BONBOO ENT.

We would like to share some good news about Lee Sang Hwa and Kangnam. Based on their love and trust in each other, they have decided to get married to each other.

The wedding will be held on October 12 at a hotel in Seoul.

We ask for your blessings for the new future of Kangnam and Lee Sang Hwa, and we will try to repay the fans for all of their love and interest they have sent them.

Thank you.

— Dmost Entertainment and BONBOO ENT

Earlier in the year, Kangnam made headlines for announcing that he would be naturalizing as a Korean citizen, and giving up his Japanese citizenship, receiving praise from Koreans for his decision.

Kangnam Preparing To Give Up His Japanese Citizenship And Become A Korean Citizen

Source: Marketnews and Mydaily