Kangnam and Olympic Gold Medalist Lee Sang Hwa Are Reportedly Getting Married This Year

They’re talking marriage.

Just 5 days after confirming their relationship, a new report has come out detailing how Kangnam and 2-time Olympic gold medalist Lee Sang Hwa are already planning for marriage.

According to a source close to both of the celebrities, the two are very likely to get married this year.

The two people seem like they will be getting married this year.

— Source

The source continued, talking about how the two have been going through the “rite of passage” for potential newlyweds.

Not too long ago, Lee Sang Hwa and Kangnam formally introduced themselves to each other’s parents. Since then, the two have been comfortably visiting each other’s houses and have naturally had discussions about marriage.

— Source

Regarding this, Lee Sang Hwa’s agency BONBOO Entertainment made their first comment.

We have not heard anything about marriage from Lee Sang Hwa herself yet.

— BONBOO Entertainment

Kangnam’s agency, however, did state that the two currently are not planning on getting married.

The story is a little premature. They did meet each other’s parents, but currently there are no thoughts of marriage.

— Jinah Entertainment

Kangnam and Lee Sang Hwa starred in SBS‘s Law of the Jungle in the Last Indian Ocean together back in September 2018, where they first became close. This past February, Lee Sang Hwa signed with BONBOO Entertainment, home to Choo Sung Hoon, Kwanghee, and Kim Dong Hyun.

Source: Newsen and Star News