Kangnam Makes Surprising Transformation After Losing 20 Pounds In 3 Weeks

He’s making significant progress in a healthy way!

Kangnam has revived his “idol visuals” after losing 9kg (20lbs) within just 3 weeks.


Kangnam has previously revealed that there was no diet that he hasn’t tried in his 20’s as he is the type to easily gain weight because he simply loves to eat.

Since my 20’s, I starved myself and exercised. Once, I rapidly lost 40kg and I’ve also tried all the trendy diets such as the coffee diet.

ㅡ Kangnam


All of these diets, however, had serious consequences as he ended up in the hospital 3 times because of them and his liver has grown worse since then, requiring him to take medication. He also confessed that he always gained the weight back and the diets always ended up a failure.


Kangnam stated that he regrets risking his health for these diets and became determined to diet healthily this time. He explained that through his latest diet, he realized how important it was to lose weight while keeping to healthy eating habits and not starving. Moreover, he claimed that he was comfortably losing weight through a scientific weight loss system and he’s been seeing much progress near his stomach, which he was most concerned about.

Keep up the healthy diet, Kangnam!

Source: Herald Pop