Kangta And Jung Yu Mi Are Reportedly Getting Married, SM Entertainment Responds

“The two have made the decision after dating for two years…”

Former H.O.T. member and legendary first generation K-Pop idol, Kangta is reportedly getting married to actress Jung Yu Mi.

Kangta | @an_chil_hyun/Instagram
Jung Yu Mi | @yum_yum/Instagram

Various Korean media outlets have reported on the story that was first reported by Korean YouTuber YeonYaeJjangTV (연예짱TV).

The YouTuber cited speaking with a close acquaintance of the couple.

Kangta and Jung Yu Mi recently decided to get married. The two have made the decision after dating for two years.

—Acquaintance of the couple

Media outlet Sports Kyung Hyang after confirming the news, reported it on May 27. According to the report, Sports Kyung Hyang confirmed through a friend of the couple that they have already announced their wedding plans to close family and friends.

Jung Yu Mi is well known to have been a fan of H.O.T. and Kangta. She has professed her love for the group before on broadcasts and has stated she was a fan of Kangta in particular.

Jung Yu Mi | SBS

My head said Moon Hee Joon but my heart said Kangta

—Above caption

Regarding the news, SM Entertainment released a statement on May 27 to media outlet OSEN.

It is true that Kangta and Jung Yu Mi are dating happily; however, nothing has been decided yet.

—SM Entertainment

Kangta and Jung Yu Mi have been openly dating since February of 2020, when the couple acknowledged their relationship through their Instagram.

The aforementioned YouTube clip first reporting the news is in the link below.

Source: Sports Kyung Hyang