Kanye West to launch a Creative Team in South Korea

Kanye West’s Creative Team will launch 10-Jones, a joint-stock company, in South Korea later this year according to Comtech PR agency.

At the press conference on January 27th, Comtech also stated that Kanye West’s producer and Grammy Award winner Malik Yusef Jones, the head of Kanye West’s Creative Team, was interested in the Korean market when an acquaintance reached out to him with an offer to establish the joint-stock company. Jones will be head of the company as it launches in the second half of 2015.

10-Jones consists of three branches (brand, agency, and entertainment business), each of which will be lead by members of the Creative Team as the company develops prior to its launch. The foundation of 10-Jones will come from collaborations with Korean artists with the launch of the company’s clothing brand.

In addition, 10-Jones hopes to be a path through which international artists can work with Korean artists, creating a link for artists to enter the Korean music market.

Source: Yonhap News