KARA’s Han Seungyeon Breaks Down In Tears At The Airport As Reporters Surrounded Her With Their Cameras

She tried so hard to hide her sadness.

Actress HanSeungyeon, a former member of KARA, arrived at the airport in order to fly off towards her schedules abroad.

As soon as she arrived, the press began to surround her with their cameras as they invaded her space all the way through the airport.


Han Seungyeon looked distressed as she continued to look down and her expression began to waver on the verge of tears.


She eventually broke down in tears as she sank down to the floor and couldn’t control her sadness any longer.


All throughout the ticketing process, she shed tears as her staff members tried to calm her.


Afterwards, she turned to face the crowd of fans and press again but tried to hide her sadness behind a bright smile.

She greeted everyone with a smile, but couldn’t hide the brief glimpses of sadness that she was desperately trying to hide from the public.


Many believed that Han Seungyeon is still hurting over her friend and former member Goo Hara’s recent passing, where she took her own life after malicious commenters continually harassed her through difficult times.

Han Seungyeon was also wearing all black, which is a traditional sign of mourning.

“I bet she’s still hurting. She probably broke down after they kept taking her photos. I can tell she tried to hold it in, but her expression was sad. Let’s stop the malicious comments.”

“She must be hurting more since she was going to Japan… Have strength”

“It’s been exactly a month since Goo Hara went to heaven. Of course, she’d cry.”

“I’m getting goosebumps just thinking of what it would be like to have mega cameras shoved in your face and taking photos of me crying, and all the rumors they write about it;;”

— K-Netizens


Han Seungyeon safely got on the plane, and flew off towards her schedule. Although the reasons behind her tears are uncertain, Han Seungyeon will hopefully find strength knowing that thousands of fans are right there behind her in unconditional support.

Source: Xports News