KARA’s Heo Youngji reveals she was proposed to by actor Heo Jeong Min

Heo Youngji revealed a shocking statement in a recent airing of KBS 2TV‘s Happy Together.

Aired on September 1st, the former KARA member revealed that Heo Jeong Min had proposed his feelings to her. She further revealed, “[He] told me he liked me when we were in the presence of many people. He also told me that he had saved up around 30 million won ($27,000 USD approximately).”

Heo Jeong Min immediately reacted, arguing, “Why did you reveal someone else’s savings?” to which Heo Youngji retorted with, Eric told me to accept your proposal but I said I didn’t want to.”

The actor then stated he would pretend like the proposal never happened, making those on the set burst into laughter.

The episode also featured guests Kim Hyun Cheol, Koo Bon Seung, Heo Jeong Min, Kim Sang Hyuk, and Heo Young Ji.

Source: Financial News