KARA’s Youngji shares her wish to appear on “Roommate 3” with a Lovelyz and Super Junior member

KARA member Heo Youngji gave a lovecall to certain members of Lovelyz and Super Junior after she revealed she wants to appear with them on the next season of Roommate.

Guesting on SBS Power FM‘s Lee Guk Joo’s Youngstreet on June 17th with group mates Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, and Goo Hara, radio host Lee Guk Joo asked Youngji, “If there was a season 3 of ‘Roommate’, who would you like to be on it with?” with the members cutting in to add that the people chosen should be outside the group and those who already appeared on the show with her.

After hesitating for awhile, Youngji replied, “I pick Lee Soon Jae and Kim Soo Mi sunbaenim,” making everyone laugh in surprise at her answer.

She followed up with, “I’ve always liked them, so if given the opportunity, I would like to live with them.” Youngji additionally added to the lineup, revealing she would like to also live with Lovelyz’ Mijoo, J.Y. Park, and Super Junior-M‘s Zhoumi.

Lee Guk Joo questioned Youngji about her relationship with Zhoumi, wondering if they were close, to which Youngji revealed they had gotten close enough during their time as MCs together to exchange numbers.

Seungyeon remarked, “You exchanged numbers? We didn’t even know about that.”

Following the request of Lee Guk Joo, Youngji sends Zhoumi a video letter saying, “While we were both MCs, I thank you for always taking care of me. Later, if we meet again on other programs, I ask that you take care of me again.”

Source: 10Asia