KARD’s BM Officially Announces Details Of His Debut Solo Single “Broken Me”

Fans won’t have to wait long!

KARD‘s BM has announced that he will be releasing his debut solo single, “Broken Me.”

| @bigmatthewww/Instagram

During an episode of DIVE Studios‘ GET REAL podcast, BM revealed that he had been working on his debut solo project!

On April 29, BM officially announced on Instagram that his first solo track would be called “Broken Me,” with more information to be released soon!

For the track, BM is working with the company VIVE STUDIOS, and they shared some information of what fans can expect from the upcoming music video.

We shot seven locations and six scenes, all in a single stage and one day. All the scenes were created in CGI and using VIT (vivestudios immersive technology) solution. We synchronized the LED wall, control the camera tracking system, and project real-time CGI scenes in a linear timeline to adjust in real-time during filming.


After member J.Seph enlisted, the group has been performing as a three-piece group. It will be exciting for fans to see new material from BM after “Gunshot” was released last year!

Are you excited to see what kind of music BM will be releasing?